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Supply Chain Management

godesys BizCon (Business Connector)

BizCon is the platform for cross-company collaboration that is oriented to business processes. Digital exchange of information across various levels of the value chain creates valuable advantages over the competition. Cross-company solutions secure transparency at all levels and guarantee better communication between business areas and partners. As adapters for individual process steps you can use current technologies like XML and EDI, along with simple text formats.

With BizCon, you receive a configurable tool that you can use to make e-business profitable for your company. You can exchange the exact information with customers, vendors, and business partners that each process requires. Transactions are speeded up, processes become more cost-effective, and you can react to changes more flexibly.

BizCon consists of a series of modules that you can use optimally, including:

  • Data input and output
  • Automatic posting processes
  • EDI integration
  • XML connector
  • BMEcat
  • Decision support
  • External data storage
  • Suppliers according to § 302 SGB V of German law
  • BizCon Mobile Gateway

Connecting Mobile Devices (Barcode and RFID)

In addition to connecting scanners, mobile data-entry devices, and handhelds to your workflow, godesys ERP offers integrated printing of barcode labels for any use. You can easily integrate item lists, price tags, picking lists, or delivery notes in your process flow without changing programs. These capabilities support familiar technologies to identify and trace products, loading equipment, and devices.

Mobile Data Entry

In many situations, data is entered on a mobile device, put into intermediate storage, and then processed centrally later on. Thanks to BizCon technology, godesys ERP can read all data provided on a storage medium or by data transfer. ASCII-compatible processing of incoming data means that you can use a variety of mobile devices (PDA, Palm, and MDE) for initial entry. All data undergoes plausibility checks before import into the central system. These features use the technology of godesys BizCon (see godesys Enterprise Technology), which lets you define a job without additional programming effort.