ERP Lösungen - Produktions-Management

godesys Production

godesys Production lays a secure foundation for planning and running your production operations. From one location, you can find information on contract periods, capacity utilization, downtime, and production time, giving you a complete manufacturing solution. Because of uniform data storage, production is tightly integrated with other modules of godesys ERP, such as materials management and accounting. The open structure of the system, the flexibility of planning production-specific resources, and the high degree of configurability enable use and support of a variety of different industry requirements.

Production enables you to monitor material movements reliably, permits on-time scheduling and loads in your production, and enables reliable sales planning through determination of the range of coverage. You can plan, schedule, and monitor individual production steps all the way to warehousing. You always have information on the cost structure of your manufacturing. Transfer of cost data to accounting enables secure monitoring. Appropriate plant data collection (PDC) lets you further enhance the performance and reporting capabilities of godesys Production.

With godesys Production, you receive:

  • Production planning and control
  • PDC: order and project time processing
  • PDC: Personnel time processing
  • Product configurator