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Human Resources

Use of godesys Human Resources enables a significant increase in transparency and efficiency because it lets you manage your personnel with equally high levels of performance and user-friendliness. That enables you to reduce significantly the time and money you expend in this area. You also have helpful features like a complete employee history. If you wish, you can enhance godesys Human Resources with tailor-made personnel time processing and integrate automatic time entry and reporting. With godesys Human Resources, you manage your most important capital: your employees. You can always be confident that you fulfill all legal requirements. Whether it’s a matter of complete DEÜV (German law on time reporting), 'Dakota', or 'Elster', godesys Human Resources has been examined and granted certification by the health insurance system in Germany, so you know that it fulfills all requirements of a professional human resources solution.

godesys Human Resources is the tool you can use to settle wages and salary, archive settlement as required, and issue the required notifications and documents. You can use godesys Human Resources on its own or in connection with other modules, such as financial accounting or personnel time entry. Because the modules communicate with each other, you have less work and more security. Beginning in 2010, we have been collaborating with SP Data to prepare payroll accounting and integrate such products seamlessly with godesys ERP.

With godesys Human Resources, you receive:

  • Payroll accounting
  • Personnel time entry (PTE)
  • Absence management