User Concepts and Ergonomics

Your ERP is where you need it

Where other systems trigger additional license costs, we lead you through the complexity of the modern working world and create simple solutions.

So that you can work efficiently and profitably, we have designed the operation of the software to be as simple as possible. Screen design and the structure of operations are the same in all modules and can be tailored to your individual needs easily with drag-and-drop functionality. And the device you use or your location makes no difference when you work with godesys ERP.

godesys Lösungen Userkonzepte PC client

godesys PC-Client

The IT world has always experienced rapid change. Today, more and more applications run in a Web browser instead of a desktop and independently of the operating system.

But new technologies cannot be used everywhere to good advantage. For many tasks, a user-friendly interface that can be personalized quickly and that is set up for processing mass data remains the better alternative.

The godesys rich client is optimized for operation under various Microsoft operating platforms (XP, Vista, and Windows 7) and offers you a contemporary PC work environment with perfect integration into the Windows desktop.

It places no special requirements on the PC environment:

  • Complete integration with Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange (mail, tasks, and calendar)
  • Support for telephony application programming interface (TAPI)
  • Simple copy and paste
  • Option for complete keyboard operation without a mouse
  • Support for accessible workstations
  • Ability to tailor the look and feel to match the operating system
  • Optimization for various screen resolutions
  • User-specific storage of screen settings

godesys ERP has a modular structure. The screen structure in all modules is identical, which speeds up the task of learning the software and means that operation of the programs is intuitive. The contemporary and visually pleasing design has often been praised.

godesys Lösungen Userkonzepte Web client

godesys ERP Web-Client

Until recently, we primarily used computers to access programs locally installed on our hard drives. Today, however, Web browsers link users at any location to gigantic databases that can be reached over the Internet. This development changes not only our customary ways of work but also our expectations.

You can rely on the possibilities of Web 2.0 to increase productivity. Decide on an open and cost-effective platform to integrate your corporate processes with customers and vendors. Rely on godesys open enterprise portal.

godesys open enterprise portal links external employees, customers, and vendors to ERP for customer-oriented companies based on their roles. The portal is structured according to pure business considerations; it presents all process components with their individual business processes in the form of portlets. Portlets display content from the most varied of sources and personalize it for the user.

godesys Lösungen Userkonzepte mobile client

godesys ERP Mobile Client

Get a head start in mobility – ERP for customer-oriented companies contains a robust, scalable platform that enables mobile work. Improve the productivity of your sales staff and rely on integrated business processes. Whether it’s sales, service, or management – use our unique technical infrastructure to organize quick and secure access to your corporate data with mobile devices.

godesys offers you an internally developed, server-based replication platform that enables you to access the functions of godesys ERP in a controlled manner with the help of Web services. That enables a seamless and comprehensive process chain. Integrated process workflows support and control each work step.

The following sample applications can be created with mBusiness and are already being used by many customers:

  • Mobile field service
  • Sales staff management
  • Route management
  • Picking
  • Customer information

You can develop mobile applications with godesys open business framework. The mobile engine is intentionally launched as an open source product based on the high level of individuality among the applications. Mobile clients can be based on Windows and Java.