Wettbewerbsvorteile mit godesys ERP

Why godesys – The competitive edge

A Complete Solution

ERP for customer-oriented companies is high-performance, standard business software and is particularly meant for companies involved in sales, services, and projects. It supports all essential functions, such as accounting, payroll, sales and distribution, service, warehousing and logistics, purchasing, and production. Special requirements for processes, screens, fields, and reports can be realized quickly and economically with integrated tools.

Quick Implementation

Despite the richness of its features, godesys ERP is quick to install and easy to operate. Your ERP for customer-oriented companies can become reality with just a little effort. Our products work from the start – without any customizing. But thanks to the integrated tools, you can graphically generate processes and screens at any time.

Easy to Use

We make sure that you can use our solutions simply and intuitively without long and involved training. And we integrate functionality like Microsoft Office and Outlook, telephony application programming interface (TAPI), or mobile telephones. Why? Because we know that our customers want to work as specialists in something quite different than ERP.

Always Available

ERP for customer-oriented companies is not the product of an anonymous corporate group. At godesys, we are always available to speak to you personally – from board members to interns. Give us a try!

A professional project team helps you reach your goals and without a complicated organization hierarchy that gets in the way of ensuring a short implemention for your solution

Low Overall Costs

A direct comparison with our competitors shows that we simply are more economical over the product lifecycle. And when we speak of the software being 100% safe for upgrades, it’s a matter of the technology. We offer simple and flexible updates that can be imported quickly and that nevertheless maintain your customizations to the software. Why else would we be the ERP System of the Year 2009 for small and midsize companies?

Future Proof

Every day, our customers decide anew, and without hidden extra costs, if they want to use ERP traditionally from a PC, over a Web portal, or mobile with a smart phone. They can do so because we provide them with technologically leading solutions. Whether it’s a matter of Web 2.0 or service-orientated architecture (SOA), ERP for customer-oriented companies can already do a lot more, today.

Truly Open Solutions

Not everything that sounds good really turns out to be good. It’s good to get everything from one source. But why should you find out after the handshake that yes, you just bought a great ERP system, but now you need an operating system, database, and all sorts of supplemental software to profit from all the advantages of the software? We do things differently. We consistently integrate open source solutions so that we can truly offer you technology-leading, competitive solutions that are still cost-effective. You don’t need to have your hands full just to operate your ERP software.

Set Up for Growth

Even small firms can do great things. But that happens only when their business software fits them. We offer you modular solutions at prices appropriate for a midsize company. And when your company grows, you just integrate new employees, new locations, new countries, new languages, or a different organizational structure. One thing is sure: change.

Complete Support and Simple Change

If your company grows or needs additional functions, you can act simply and quickly. godesys ERP can be enhanced as you wish, without migration and at low cost. That’s how your solution keeps step with the growth of your company. We worry about legal changes or technical innovations. We promise!