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Enterprise Resource Planning

Fast set-up, intuitive and powerful: godesys ERP will revolutionize your business processes! Always be one step ahead - with the right ERP for SMEs.

Enterprise Resource Planning - godesys
godesys CRM Lösungen

Customer Relationship Management

Have your customers always in view: With godesys CRM you put your customers in focus and it helps you to better align your business processes. Speed up your sales now!


Supply Chain Management

Simply efficient: with godesys Supply Chain Management you reduce costs and optimize cross-enterprise collaboration. See for yourself what's in godesys SCM!

Supply Chain Management - godesys
godesys open business portal

Open Enterprise Portal

Across all borders: With godesys open enterprise portal - easily via the web browser. With additional features such as Wiki, Blog & Forums you turn it into a true Web 2.0 community.



Open architecture for convincing solutions: Experience fast individualisation by customizing and programming. With EAI capabilities to secure third-party integration. Find out more now!

Eingesetzte Technologie von godesys
godesys Rundum Service

All-Round Service

Maybe that's what already differentiates us from our competitors. We not only sell products, we integrate solutions. After all, you do not just want a good software, but investing in your company's competitiveness.


ERP Solutions

Creating Individual ERP Solutions

When compared with traditional ERP and customer relationship management (CRM) software, ERP for customer-focused companies opens entirely new perspectives. Translate your corporate strategy into business processes and design the processes actively and transparently. With software that follows your goals. Over communications channels that do not view company boundaries as a hurdle.

With our vendor-agnostic, open source–based, service-oriented architecture (SOA), you work with an intelligent tool that lets you react in near real time and create your own economical ERP solution. You get the required flexibility from a business software environment that enables a clear separation of data storage, business logic, process model, and presentation. Graphical process design, simple operation, and modern user interfaces make your ERP solutions extremely user friendly.

Whether it’s a matter of individual or industry-specific requirements, godesys Enterprise Technology enables you to modify default settings easily and have the modifications available immediately after an update – without cumbersome modifications. Whether it’s a matter of CRM software, a materials management system, financials, or cost accounting – godesys ERP is an integrated ERP solution that covers all the application areas of a modern enterprise and yet can be individually enhanced at any time. Every day our ERP software helps over 650 companies from diverse industries become more successful.

Notwithstanding their high performance, the ERP solutions from godesys are simple to install and operate. godesys ERP supports all operating models – from purchase or rental to cloud computing. Of course, we have a trained project team that can help you reach your goals. Trust the security of a self-financed, owner-operated vendor and the advantages of a midsize company: easy access and quick decisions. That’s how to get to unique ERP for a midsize company.

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