Project Planning

We align project procedures closely to your individual needs. The most essential ingredients are a clear understanding of your requirements and a pragmatic approach to your operational needs.

Implementation Methodology

We work primarily on the basis of a service contract that includes a guarantee of success for our services.

Our goals include conducting a defined presentation phase that allows you to critically examine the capabilities of our products. You begin with a sensible preproject step that ends with the creation of a detailed quotation that offers you an economic assessment of all the individual phases.

Evaluation and Workshop

In this phase, we create a target specification that, along with the service contract, represents the basis of a potential overall project. This document defines all the important guidelines that have a bearing on costs. A mutually agreed-upon schedule is also created during this phase.

Questions on data exchange and transfer, connections to customer systems, interfaces, priorities, settings, and so on are defined here and then added to a final quotation that includes financials.

Pilot Phase

During the pilot phase, we test functions with your key users in a test environment. Screens and their operation are aligned with your processes, reporting is adjusted as needed, and system administrators undergo training. This phase should offer both sides an opportunity to test transactions before the rollout and allow any possible modifications. And we’re happy to show you ways that your internal IT staff can become part of the concrete realization. In addition to a more efficient implementation and lower costs, this approach can give your internal resources effective on-the-job training.


During rollout, all users are equipped with the software and authorizations they need. At the same time, the applications are tuned to actual working conditions (printer configuration, connections for mobile devices, and so on). This phase takes into account all the insights gleaned from the pilot phase.


We define ourselves by your success. That’s why we demand a high level of quality of our consulting services. Specialists from individual subject areas are available to work with you to find the best realization of your requirements.

Data Transfer

The transfer of legacy data from systems being retired into new business software systems should not be neglected. We offer you efficient support in this area. With our data transfer service you can efficiently outsource this task. godesys specialists with the required knowledge are available to transfer the data online or on site.