godesys Betriebskonzepte - Miete


The rental of software differs from leasing primarily in that all services related to godesys ERP are offered at a fixed monthly price. Our rental models always include maintenance of the applications and user service.

Who’s the right candidate for a rental model? Certainly for a start-up, since rental models can be flexibly adjusted monthly on the basis of a company’s development. But it’s also right for companies that outsource a great deal, since complete, full-service quotations can be implemented very easily in this case.

Rental models can be necessary for those who need to make decisions at short notice. When a company is taken over, for example, a decision about software must be made quickly. There’s no time for an evaluation phase. In this case, a company might risk the loss of services, but avoids all risk related to the software and can rethink the decision when the situation stabilizes. As you can see, we’re open to new ideas.