godesys Betriebskonzepte - Leasing


Let’s clear away a misconception right away. Leasing is not for cautious entrepreneurs who want to protect their cash. Especially today, leasing is an ideal way to finance investments and to turn investments into revenue. And leasing still offers you good tax advantages over the use of your own funds or traditional financing.

Software leasing allows for a range of contract periods. Today it’s as common as auto leasing, although many leasing firms do not see leasing as merchandise that needs to be secured. No problem! Talk to our experts. We have the right contacts to handle this work for you. We’re known as a serious vendor among all well-known firms.

You can select a contract period between 24 and 60 months. You can see that we offer freedom for your needs.


Co-leasing services are also not a problem today, as long as it involves the long-term use of required activities. In such a case, the service contract period runs according to that of the software contract.

If desired, we can offer you completely financed turnkey projects. The contract takes effect upon the operational use of your investment. Ultimately, it’s a smart business solution that enables you to concentrate on your business.