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Operating and Financing Concepts

An individual business solution for your company ideally should be tailored for your company so that you can make a good investment decision.

That’s why we begin with a comprehensive analysis and discussion that defines the framework of your investment and creates a concept for the overall solution.

Ultimately, it’s all about optimizing your investment. We know that you’re our customer only as long as being one is worth it to you.


An appliance is a preinstalled, preconfigured enterprise services application that can be put to use very quickly. Appliances are ideal for use in a rental, ASP, or hosting situation; a quick test location; or just to lower the costs of installation and administration.

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With godesys ERP cloud solutions you keep up with technological innovations - at low cost and without high capital commitment. Take advantage of the latest and innovative features: fast, secure and always up to date.

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Hosting is the ideal solution for those who want to leave the availability and operation of their IT infrastructure to the experienced professionals at a computer center.

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Software leasing allows for a range of contract periods. Today it’s as common as auto leasing. Talk to us. We have the right contacts to handle this work for you.

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All services related to godesys ERP are offered at a fixed monthly price. Our rental models always include maintenance of the application and user service.

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