Miscellaneous Services

We offer you all conceivable services that you need and want when implementing and operating godesys ERP software. And if there’s something we don’t do ourselves, we simply get in touch with the right partner.

Remote Service

Our remote consultants answer your questions by telephone. If needed, they can create a remote connection to your system and support all your concerns. If at all possible, you deal with only one employee who is most familiar with you and your environment. Nothing can substitute for trust.

Performance Check

Before and after the transfer of godesys ERP from a test system to a production system, godesys specialists connect to your system remotely and analyze the interplay between hardware, database, and operating system to ensure the smooth operation of your applications.

We show you opportunities for optimization and give you concrete recommendations for your users to enable efficient work at all times.


If you want to change the database or hardware you use, our migration service offers you the right services.

After an analysis of the opportunities for improvement, we develop a holistic approach for your company that takes into account the resources you already have and your strategic goals. That creates a uniform infrastructure that collects data and information to make it available for your decision making.