ERP für Dienstleister

ERP for Service Providers

godesys ERP. When You’re Looking for More Than Just an ERP Solution

Optimize Control of Your Corporate Processes for Maximum Customer Satisfaction

To manage a professional service-provider organization, you need an enterprise solution that integrates all your business processes and can help you master the challenges you face every day with ease. You need to shorten throughput when creating invoices, optimizing entries for service calls, and avoiding incorrect statements. To a great extent, your success depends on the smooth interaction of your corporate processes. You must manage resources perfectly, represent services transparently, invoice for projects without delay, and keep a handle on your costs and client relationships. That’s why you should invest in an enterprise solution that meet your requirements and secures clear competitive advantages for you. godesys ERP for service providers is just such a solution.

godesys ERP offers you extensive functionality to control your service business – marketing, sales and distribution, and project management. The software is tailored to your individual processes and can be expanded flexibly. With godesys ERP, you can keep an eye on all your important business processes.

Extend Your Options

The software handles the needs of project management and technical service organizations equally well. With godesys ERP, you can control master agreements, rental statements, hotlines, and the settlement of fixed-price or cost-reimbursement projects. You can display all relevant customer, contract, and project data in real time so that you can avoid budget overruns. Our software can also help you plan and manage projects, contracts, and inventory as well as handle service management, simply and reliably. You can individually valuate all services on projects, master agreements, contracts, hotline calls, or service calls. You can record activities on a mobile device or with a browser, independent of the specific device. Integrated service functions, like a repair center or returns department, offer you fast and reliable service support that results in increased customer satisfaction.

You know your customers and their needs best, and satisfied customers are your most important asset. And with godesys ERP, you can reach your goals.