ERP für den Einzelhandel

ERP for Retail

godesys ERP. When you’re looking for more than just an ERP solution

Make Your Own Mark – Align with Your Customers!

The retail industry faces many challenges each day. On one hand, it deals with shifts in demand and a increasing tendency toward consolidation. On the other hand, it must adjust to lower margins while facing growing demand for competitive prices, better performance, and improved service. This is where a high-performance, customer-focused materials management system serves as the backbone of every successful retail company. And what is the foundation of success? Stable and transparent processes, optimized information flow, flexible reaction to changes in markets, and complete monitoring of costs. In particular, organization-wide implementation of individual business processes – from master data management to point-of-sale processes – is an essential element of the efficient use of a contemporary materials management system.

Individual Solutions for Your Individual Requirements

godesys ERP for retail features fully integrated and process-oriented processing along with functions designed especially for the retail industry. You can achieve your corporate goals more easily and more successfully. The software covers all the relevant business processes – from materials management to corporate management. And godesys ERP also addresses mobility and system stability, important factors in the ability of a retail company to compete. Our systems provide you with current information on stock levels, customer and sales data, and product information just in time. Quick order entry and bar-code labeling also help you optimize the flow of goods. And we offer even more. With godesys ERP, you have an industry-specific solution that supports you with its simple operations, user-friendly interface, and automated processing to reduce the transactions in individual business processes to a minimum. We have many years of experience with customers in the retail industry and know their requirements exactly. That’s why we already have an ideal solution for you, a solution that you can use to optimize your processes at a fundamental level without exploding costs.