ERP für E-Commerce

ERP for E-Commerce

godesys ERP. When You’re Looking for More Than Just an ERP Solution

Your Challenges Are Our Requirements

Perhaps more than in any other industry sector, companies in mail order and e-commerce face dynamic market demands. Daily work is characterized by a razor-sharp focus on customers and a fast-paced, increasingly competitive environment that requires them to design their business processes even more efficiently.

Dealerships Need Contemporary ERP Solutions – And We Have Them for You

godesys ERP for mail order is contemporary, high-performance, and secure software that covers all important business functions for midsize companies. We focus on dealerships whose complex concerns are not met by a standardized, industry-specific solution. That’s why dealerships need highly flexible solutions that can be adapted and changed to meet their needs. For 20 years, godesys AG has been developing ERP and materials management solutions for midsize companies. Around the globe, more than 650 companies of every size and from various industries make up our customer base. With our eight branch offices, we have a presence for you throughout Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. And we have a broad network of reliable and competent partners. We also have the right contacts for strategic cooperation on projects involving technological concerns such electronic data interchange (EDI), customs and mail-order procedures, and hardware and software requirements.