ERP für die Medizin- und Pharma-Branche


Whether dealing with medical technology or medical goods, the life sciences industry sees itself as the object of increasing regulatory pressure and strict legal provisions.

At the same time, a high level of dynamism characterizes the market, which creates increasing changes in the competitive situation. Midsize companies that want to remain competitive must always strive to be better and follow a more successful concept.

We know that the manufacture and sale of medical goods are subject to the special requirements of the industry and specific legal provisions. These demands create a variety of special requirements for your IT, requirements that the right ERP solution must manage.

Our ERP solution supports you along the entire process chain, from quotations in the materials management system to logistics and production, including invoicing and CRM. Up-to-date store integration, connections to your customers and vendors, and settlement of service providers according to German law with EDI or individual interfaces supplement the functionality.