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Your Declaration of Independence

An Open Architecture for Powerful Solutions:

You receive a business framework that is based on open standards and offers options for Web 2.0. You experience quick personalization through customizing and programming. Repository-based customizing also enables you to update your solution as you wish, without any limits. We support the technologies of the current market, including enterprise application integration (EAI) functions for safe integration of external systems (EDI, XML, and so on) along with graphical process modeling with the integrated Workflow Designer.

The System Foundation: open business framework

godesys open business framework is the new system foundation for business solutions from godesys. The core consists of a software stack based on open source technology (Eclipse IDE, Apache, Tomcat, Hibernate, Jboss, and Liferay). It also serves as the basis for the development and integration of various business solutions that you can choose and combine as you wish. We thus enable our customers to create a vendor-agnostic, service-oriented integration architecture that is based on open standards. You get the best of both worlds. In one world, you can look around to see what’s available on the market or you can develop your own solutions. In the other world, you can always have the required ERP and CRM products distributed by godesys, which gives you the security of a complete solution from one source.

godesys Enterprise Technology

Our process-oriented approach and the high degree of integration ensure an implementation that is aligned with your business processes and that improves your operational organization. We design our tools so that they can be learned easily, reused, and operated without programming knowledge. At the same time, professional developers can make far-reaching adjustments and changes without affecting the consistency of the overall system.

Tailor and Create Individuality

You can tailor the system optimally to your requirements. Our customizer always enables you to have perfect mapping of industry-specific functions or individual processes. You can change default settings; add fields, screens, and applications; and define your own process rules.

That’s not enough? Relax. godesys Custom Application was created to give you the option to compose completely individual applications. You can use it give your own application the look and feel of your godesys ERP. Integration is seamless, just as if it were a standard product made by our company.

Integrated checklist functionality offers additional options for creating screens and query dialogs simply and easily.

Design and Optimize Processes

Control the flow of your business data and functions along the entire organizational chain to ensure valid processing of individual business processes. Our workflow technology is completely integrated in our product and is simple to operate. It enables you to fine-tune the handling of all processes to your needs.

You can also trigger messages and information when specific events occur, based on rules that you define. godesys Event Manager monitors all business processes as needed and triggers an appropriate message or follow-on process step so that you can react more quickly – and with even more of an orientation to customers – in the future.

Exchange Data Securely and Easily

Exchange exactly the information needed for a given processes step with your customers, vendors, and business partners. Quickly, without complications and with tremendous flexibility, godesys Business Connector (BizCon) helps you overcome boundaries and enable cross-company collaboration.

Output Data and Create Forms

The Report Generator offers the ideal enhancement for all those who need their own reports or who need to adjust default reports and forms. You can change any forms as you wish or create a new one without any involvement with program code.

You use the print server to define where a document is to be printed, which paper tray the printer should use, and whether or not the document should be digitized.

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