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godesys Accounting

godesys Accounting creates clarity by giving you a manageable view of complex data and complex relationships. And it does even more, since a clear structure is the basis of development. Complete integration with materials management and HR gives you data transparency across all areas. godesys Accounting equips you with a reporting system whose flexibility and completeness ensure that you always know the status of your enterprise and that you can keep a handle on it.

godesys Accounting includes modules for financial accounting, asset accounting, and cost accounting. You receive an efficient management and control tool for all operational tasks with additional godesys modules that provide you with supplemental options. For example, the finance information system (FIS) gives you a quick overview of your company. You can use godesys Accounting on its own or in connection with additional modules of godesys ERP. Data transfer occurs automatically when you use godesys Accounting with other godesys modules, such as godesys Materials Management or godesys Human Resources.

With godesys Accounting, you receive:

  • Financial accounting
  • Asset accounting
  • Cost accounting
  • Verification of incoming invoices
  • Executive information system (EIS)
  • Controlling
  • IDEA
  • Interface to external systems